Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever is an event where we a whole night (well, that depends on your time-zone!) only allow music within a specific user-chosen theme! The event will be held with various competitions and possibly give-aways.



Every saturday

6 PM - Midnight (GMT Greenwhich Mean Time)

8 PM - 2 AM (CET Central European Time)

2 PM - 8 PM (EST Eastern Daylight Time (US))

11 AM - 5 PM (PST Pacific Daylight Time (US))


This week's theme

Video Games


If you are caught playing music that doesn't fit the theme, we will skip your song - and put you off the waitlist. You are always welcome to join back on once you've set up an appropiate playlist!


From Sunday-Tuesday you are able to send in theme ideas

From Wedensday-Friday you are able to vote which idea you like the best!


Currently you can:

Enjoy the event!



Previous chosen themes

Week 1 - Video games

Week 2 - Remixes & Mash-ups

Week 3 - Chill/Relaxed/Calm

Week 4 - Hard rock/Metal

Week 5 - Theme music

(Long break)

Week 6 - Video Games