While we strive to be an open and relaxed community, we have grown to a size where a few rules and user guidelines needs to be respected so everyone can feel comfortable in the community.



  1. Follow the ToS
  2. All genres of music is allowed
  3. Maximum 8 minutes per track
  4. Only English language in chat is allowed
  5. No asking for fans
  6. Don't abuse the meh button
  7. Be respectful
  8. No flaming






0) Follow the ToS

On top of our own rules, always follow the Terms of Service!





1) All genres of music is allowed

While this shouldn't be necessary as a rule, this has to be respected. You have to remember that this is a community devoted to share all kinds of music - if you can only tolerate a single genre, join another great community that suits your taste better.




2) Maximum 8 minutes per track

We are many people here, and many are eager to play each their own tracks, because of this we've set a maximum to 8 minutes - if you play a track longer than 8 minutes, the bot will automatically skip your turn, and you'll be moved back up to being first in the wait list.




3) Only English language in chat is allowed

We are people from all over the world! Don't be selfish! Chat in a language that almost all of us can understand - speak privately with your friends in other means than




4) No asking for fans

People joining the community just to ask for fans are annoying- gain fans/friends the proper way, earn them.




5) Don't abuse the meh button

Don't meh everything, just in hopes you can skip enough songs for your own to appear faster! Give every track a chance before you meh it.




6) Be respectful

We like to keep things nice! Show respect to your fellow DJs and help make it a nice place!




7) No flaming

No flaming, abusive or hate comments - be nice!





If you are caught breaking a rule, you'll be given a warning - if you do not follow up on the warning, you'll be banned accordingly to what we find appropiate (hour, day or in very rare cases for ever).